Felt Options           For Pricing Information Click Here

Casino Grade Wool Blend Speed Cloth.                                      
This is the same material that most of the professional casino layouts are printed on. (Also our basic cloth included with our "Standard Table")


Diamond Suited Cloth                                                             
Build your table with the best suited cloth available  


  • Protected by Teflon Fabric Protector

  • Pattern Repeat: Width-1 1/4" X Height-1 1/4"

    Colors. Starting on top and moving clockwise:   BLACKBERRY, Royal Blue, Navy, Midnight Blue, Orange, Bronze, Gold, Chocolate, Grey/black, Stone Grey, Platinum, BLACK, Forest Green, Pine Green, Emerald Green, Burgandy, Scarlet Red.

    -Mini Suited Cloth also available.
    -We also offer Unsuited speed cloth

    Velveteen Playing surface      (very Nice affordable surface)                  
    Popular colors include: Navy, Black, Green, Forest Green, Burgandy, Red, and Dark Purple

    Nylon Velvet Speed Cloth         
    (Velvity Feel. Very soft and fast cloth with tons of colors including Mossy oak Camo.)

    Backed Gaming Suede also available  (By far the finest cloth i know of)


    We use Varathane stains for most of our tables. Please visit here for sample colors.  Varathane
     -We can match stain colors with a physical sample to match. Or do our best (but not guarnateed color) from a picture.

  • CupHolders       For Pricing Information Click Here

    Brass Cup Holder Available in 3 1/2" and 2 3/4"

    Stainless Steel Cup holders Available in 3 1/2" and 2 3/4"      
    Included with our "Standard Table"

    Slide Under Drink Holders

    Dual Jumbo Stainless Cup holders

    Extra Deep Polished Stainless Dual Jumbo.

    Jumbo Aluminum Cup Holders 3 1/4" inside. 3" Deep              Included with our "Standard Table"

    Dealer Spot Options and Chip Trays                
    For Pricing Information Click Here

    Metal Poker Chip Tray with Cover and Lock.        
    Holds ~420 chips and 2 decks of cards. Also Available in 480, 600, and 720 capacities.

    Professional Casino Grade Aluminum Chip Trays. These are NICE!   Powder coated gold models also available.

    Plastic and aluminum Chip trays available in many Capacities, with and without card spots. 

    Stainless and Brass Chip and Money Slots  with Paddle.   Also available in Black Acrylic.
    Casino style chip drop also available as shown.
    Card Peek also available

    Our Standard Drop box.
    Many other drop and Toke Boxes Available as Well.

    Table Leg Options   For Pricing Information Click Here
    Many other options available. Please just ask if your interested.

    ^Black Heavy Duty Folding Legs.  A very affordable Sturdy leg if you need the mobility of the folding legs! The best extremely portable afordable leg we've seen.

    Chrome Folding Table Legs.                            

    ^Oak or Maple Pedestal Legs with Stringer and Claw feet.          
     Feet also Available.  
    Also shown available as seperate pedestals with 4 feet each.
     -(These Reeeded Pedestals also available in Cherry and Mahogany wood)

    This is a T - Base with a flip and fold mechanism, so you can fold up your table for easy transport or storage. Available in five different base sizes, this base is extremely durable and strong.

    Our Arched Table base offers strength, stability, and durability with a sophisticated look.

    Black or Chrome Steel Dual Pedestals with foot rail

    Automatic Shuffler
    -Ask about Options and Shuffle Tech

    A fully automatic shuffler speeds ordinary play and eliminates the integrity problems.  Or your freinds that can't deal!
    Can be added right to the playing surface of your table.

    Rail Vinyl Options     -Our Reccomended surface is Whisper vinyl.    For Pricing Information Click Here

    Carbon Fiber Vinyl                                       
    (A great new look, and a good durable vinyl)

    Whisper Vinyl   (flexible, soft feel, durable, not shiny)

    Antique Faux Leather (Super Durable, Antique Leather Look, High Class)